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windows 10 ilmaiseksi 7 tilalle

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Kyllähän sen saa kun asentaa ja aktivoi 7 avaimella.

16.12.2019 04:37
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Windows 10 is much convenineant from windows 7

The development of AI and smart technologies are moving ahead at a rapid pace.

Though tech companies and other players have built several prototypes and use cases of AI technology, comparing current versions to actual human intelligence is not right, at present.

The ‘criteria of intelligence’ is going through an evolutionary stage when it comes to machines, currently.

Though there are several AI-based tools and solutions that might have overcome human processing capabilities, there is still a vast ground to cover.

We have AI-based processing solutions that can defeat humans at chess, detect spam, answer pre-defined questions, but technology has not been able to create a sound and logical solution with the flawless thought process and an understanding of actions.

The current stage of intelligent technologies can be related to the ‘Weak AI’ concept that stands for algorithms which can perform logical operations.

In the world domination discussion, such AIs have no or very less place.

Artificial Intelligence needs to be in a strong position where they can evolve into superintelligence.

This concept is abstract and just in theory because current innovations cannot build such intelligent technology.

Theoretically, if AI is to dominate the human race, it has to surpass human intelligence, which doesn’t seem feasible right now.

Several schools of thought have a different take towards this technological marvel.

What will happen to humans if AI supersedes human intelligence? Will it enslave humans or will help humans evolve themselves?

This thought is the core of all the negatives associated with intelligent technologies and world domination.

This question will be solved only when intelligent technology reaches that level. Till then, it is for humans to harness artificial intelligence solutions for better living.

21.12.2019 14:19

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